Do you believe…?

  • That shadows can hold beautiful and terrifying secrets…
  • That the miracle of technology cannot compete with the will of one determined person…
  • That good can triumph over evil…though usually at a price…
  • That the horror of the living dead may be exceeded by the horror of ordinary people…
  • That poetry, magic and love are three sides of the same coin…
  • …And that even the small and weak may defeat the great and strong…with cleverness, daring and maybe a bit of luck…

…Then I have a few stories to share with you.

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Kingdom of the Stone & The Stone King

New Release Available


Kingdom of the Stone has been re-released along with publication of The Stone King, the second book in the Chronicles of the First Age. Both are available on Amazon in both print and Ebook versions and, thanks to the Kindle matchbook program, if you buy the print version you can get the kindle version free.

Kingdom of the Stone (print)

Kingdom of the Stone (Kindle)

The Stone King(print)

The Stone King (Kindle)

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Zombies In Space!

Jason Powers knows he is no hero. He’s been reminded of that every day of his life with constant comparisons to his famous grandfather. When the bullying Captain Ramsey decides to capture a lost colony ship for salvage, Jason doesn’t even object.

When Captain Ramsey decides he must kill the frozen colonists in order to save the ship, however, Jason finds the courage to oppose him, but not before the captain unleashes a hungry tide of death.

This novella is now available on Amazon in print and for Kindle.


Colony of the Dead (print)

Colony of the Dead (Kindle)


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